• Integrity – no exceptions; it’s never gray; if you have to ask, it’s not right; it’s never worth compromising

  • The Golden Rule – be thoughtful and appreciative of others; from the shop floor to the corner office; from vendors to customers; from friends to competitors and across all walks of life

  • Humility – never presume to have all the answers, listen and learn; no room for arrogance, there’s always more to learn

  • HonestyHonest With Others - be open, candid, up-front and honest with all those you interact with; Honest With Yourself - never be afraid to question or change what you do; not afraid to look in the mirror

  • Humor – if it’s not fun, you won’t be passionate about it and won’t enjoy what you’re doing;  you can’t always take things too seriously, everyone needs a laughter break now and then

  • Curiosity – having a passion for learning; listening; a desire and lack of fear of asking questions; not afraid to question or inquire if there’s a better way to do things

  • Challenge – when you’re challenged you’re engaged, invigorated and performing at your best 

  • Pride, Determination & Perseverance - anything worth doing is worth doing well; continuous improvement and always reaching; never settling; never resting; nothing is as satisfying as knowing you did your best.

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