• Few firms our size, that look to acquire companies in the size we target, possess the breadth and depth of experiences we have had.  Throughout his career, Alium's founder, Dan Nadler, has worked intimately with companies across numerous industries ranging from family owned with under $5 million in Revenue to Fortune 100 publicly traded household names.


  • We have a proven track record of working hands-on with company management to create substantial value.  Numerous private equity professionals speak of being "operators" yet many have never left the boardroom.  Alium's founder has successfully fulfilled interim c-suite positions for companies in periods of under-performance and, at many times, outright financial distress.

  • We’ve worked inside of over 30 companies and have evaluated dozens more across numerous industries and business models. Our goal is to help implement the best practices from all of them.


Consulting Engagements

  • Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution (Precision Machining, Wood Products, Chemicals, Plastic Injection Molding, Scrap Metal Recycling)

  • Consumer Products & Services (Sports Novelties, Hotel & Restaurant, Food Products Manufacturing, Exercise Equipment Dealer & Servicer, Retail)

  • Business Services (Graphic Arts Finishing, School Equipment, Advertising & Media, Electrical Contracting, Elevator Maintenance, Metal Finishing)

  • Financial Services  (Auto leasing, Mortgage Servicing)

  • Real Estate (Homebuilding, Residential & Commercial Development, Investment, Property Management)


Due Diligence Engagements

  • Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution (Tobacco, Plastic Injection Molding, Seating, Door & Siding, Clothing, Mobile Homes, Diaper & Wipes, Industrial Machinery)

  • Consumer Products & Services (Gaming, Fast Food Franchisee)

  • Business Services (General Contracting, Telecom Installation, Seismic Data, Waste Management)

  • Health Care  (Respiratory & DME Rental, Drug Distribution)

  • Financial Services  (Investment Management, Mortgage Brokerage, Truck & Trailer Leasing, Railcar Leasing)

  • Technology (Software, Electronic Storage, Online Distribution)

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