• We Are Not Just Deal Makers or Capital Providers, We’re Part of the Team - We won’t just fly in quarterly to play Monday morning quarterback.  We’re in this together.  We roll up our sleeves and help strategize and execute.

  • We Listen, Ask Questions and Then Discuss - Some firms and operators come in and immediately start giving direction.  They assume their way is the best way.  We have an approach, a framework and a toolkit.  But we know that current employees and owners know their business best, and it’s likely that they do things a certain way for good reason.  We want to first learn your business and then engage in constant dialogue in order to create a well-defined best path for the Company. 

  • We Are “Hands-On” - We don’t attend a board meeting and then check-in after a month or a quarter.  One of the most common occurrences we see is a lack of time and resources to execute initiatives that might help the company grow, while simultaneously effectively running the daily operations and management of the company.  As a former consultant, this is where our founder can help add tremendous value.  Many executives and managers don’t need someone new to their business telling them how to do their jobs.  But we’ve found most desire, even if they won’t always admit it, someone to help brainstorm ideas; someone to help troubleshoot; someone to help research, analyze and fact find; someone to advance the ball forward; and someone to help execute.  When appropriate, we take the approach of a board member and let management execute the agreed upon strategy, or we roll up our sleeves and help get the work done, and everything in between.

  • We Are Engaged and Aligned – We are not spread over several portfolio companies.  We are personally financially invested in a meaningful way, which affords us the ability to be selectively engaged in only a small handful of companies at any one time.  As a result, our full attention can be given and we are not spread thin over multiple investments. 

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